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What Do I Need to Bring When Camp Cooking?

Before selecting which camping pots, pans and woks to take, it is important to consider what you will be cooking and who for. Got a big group of hungry campers? Bringing several large camping pots, pans and woks to be used across multiple camp stoves is the easiest way to cater for the entire crew. Perhaps you are heading off alone on a single-night getaway? A compact pot and pan set will keep you fed.

Here at Outdoria, we feature a wide range of camping pots, pans and woks for sale online. Whether you prefer to camp from the back of your car, hike off deep into the wilderness or tour Australia in the comfort of a caravan, we have the perfect pot, pan and wok for your next adventure.

Types of materials

From lightweight titanium to heavy duty cast iron, camping pots, pans and woks have been specially designed to handle anything you throw at them.

  • Aluminium: One of the most popular camp cookware materials, aluminium is lightweight, affordable and conducts heat evenly across its surface. However, aluminium cookware is not as durable as other materials, so you might find yourself needing to replace it every few years.

  • Anodized Aluminium: Unlike normal aluminium, anodized aluminium cookware is scratch resistant and highly durable, all the while being lightweight and a good conductor of heat. Anodized aluminum pots, pans and woks tend to be more expensive than their normal aluminium counterparts though.

  • Stainless Steel: Tougher, heavier and highly scratch resistant, stainless steel cookware is a great alternative to aluminium. That being said, stainless steel doesn’t conduct heat as well, which may leave ‘hotspots’ on your pan when cooking. Plus, these are slightly heavier.

  • Titanium: The Rolls Royce of camp cookware materials, titanium is extremely durable, incredibly lightweight and has the high price tag to match. Be careful not to overheat any titanium pots, pans or woks, as using them on high heat for extended periods of time has been known to warp the surfaces.

  • Plastics: Most collapsible pots, pans and woks are made from plastic. Although not as heat-resistant as metals, plastic cookware is easy to clean, inexpensive and fairly durable.

Nonstick vs. Oil

The age old debate, should I use cookware with a nonstick coating or not? Your choice comes down to a few different factors. Nonstick surfaces are far easier to clean than those that use oil, but can be easily scratched using metal or sharp utensils. Using oil in your cookware requires a little bit extra scrubbing when you’re cleaning, while also requiring you to carry an oil supply when hiking. Ultimately the choice comes down to you and which surface you prefer to cook on.

If you’re stuck for ideas on what other camp cooking gear you’ll need, head over to our cooking equipment guide for more great advice.