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Windsport Gear for Sale in Australia

This is your destination for everything you need to get out there and use that magical invisible force to your advantage. Gear up and get ready to fly with windsport gear from trusted dealers and private sellers around Australia available at our massive online marketplace.

Windsport Technology

When our early ancestor discovered how to harness the power of wind, it marked a monumental moment in human history creating new avenues for trade and exploration allowing sailors to increase the distance and duration of their voyages.

The modern sail (or airfoil) has evolved with the progression of technology; advancements in design and in the manufacturing of construction materials have made sails smaller, lighter and stronger.

As airfoil technology improved, creative minds looked for new applications using wind to propel them into the realm of recreational and competitive sport.

Types of Windsport Equipment Available at Outdoria

There are so many ways an airfoil can be used; it's no wonder that airfoil technology has given rise to so many different types of windsport.

Kitesurfing Gear at Outdoria

Kitesurfing is fast become the most popular of all the windsport pursuits. Experienced kiteboarders will find advanced equipment available from retailers throughout Australia at Outdoria.

Time to add a new kite to your quiver?

Looking or a new kiteboard?

Get everything you need including harnesses, replacement parts, sunglasses, safety vests and more from Outdoria.

For the beginners out there, you can book your fist kitesurfing lesson with a local operator and get the skills you need before buying your own gear.

Windsurfing Equipment

Windsurfing is one of the earliest windsports, and is still practiced by riders around Australia and worldwide. What better way to fly across the waves?

Check out the wide variety of windsurf boards with awesome graphics, and sails to take you out on the water.

Other Windsports Gear

Paragliding and its cousin hang gliding are exciting ways to explore the skies using thermal air as lift. At Outdoria, we aim to provide you access to the quality gear you need to go hang gliding, paragliding, and even parachuting safely.

Advice, Great Stories and More

We don’t just get you to the gear, we get you the information you need for your outdoor pursuit too. If you love everything outdoors, you’re going to love our editorial section where we create content to help you adventure with confidence.