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Waterski & Wakeboard Gear for Sale

There aren’t many places in Australia that don’t have access to water. Even in the Northern Territory (where most people seem to think you’ll find nothing but dessert), there are some awesome opportunities for wakeboarding and waterskiing.

Australia is dotted with fresh water lakes and rivers, and is of course bordered by a lot of amazing beaches.

Whether you are a seasoned wakesports enthusiast, or you are just getting into it, you’ll find wakeboards, water skis and all the gear you need for your next ride at Outdoria.

Wakeboarding Gear at Outdoria

Wakeboarding isn’t just for teenagers anymore. More and more waterskiers and boaties are giving it a go, in part because there is no real limit to the way you ride the wake. You can hone your board skills and start to get some air, or you can play it cool and carve lines from one side of the wake to the other.

Wakeboarding is different from waterskiing, however, in that the tow rope is usually shorter, and in the case of freestyle wakeboarding is connected to a raised tower at the stern of the boat.

At Outdoria, you can shop for wakeboards on their own, wakeboard and boot packages, or for boots alone as well. While you’re looking at a new board, why not check out the range of life jackets, gloves and bindings available online as well?

Waterskiing Equipment Online

Just because wakeboarding has grown in popularity doesn’t mean that you can’t still ride the wake on two skis. Waterskiing is awesome fun, and a great introduction to wakesports for the young ones in the family. At Outdoria, waterskis are available from a number of retailers around Australia in sizes for all wake riders, and waterski disciplines.

You can search for high performance slalom skis, combos, trick skis, and even trainer skis designed to help kids up onto their first wake.

Make sure you are dressed to ride a wake in style. Browse the range of wetsuits and rash vests available while you’re at it.

Other Wakesports

You don’t have to stand up on a wake to ride a wake. At Outdoria we feature products designed to take you for a spin behind the boat that don’t require skis or a board. Tow tubes are great fun and can carry groups, while kneeboards offer a thrilling ride, low down on the surface of the water.

Expert advice and so much more…

If you’re looking for more information on wakesports, head on over to Outdoria’s editorial section. You can read interviews with champion water skiers like Pete O’Neil, get tips for your next trip, and read inspiring stories of outdoor adventure.