Water Tanks & Bottles


Water Tanks and Bottles for Camping

Each day, campers return home early from their dream trips for one key reason. They were too excited and forgot to pack enough water. Don’t let this happen to you and browse our range of camping water storage devices for your next trip.

How much water do I need?

According to global health organisations, your body needs at least 2 litres of water per day. Outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and fishing are strenuous and require you to drink more water than normal – especially in the Australian heat. Planning your water usage before leaving will ensure you bring the right amount for your trip.

For shorter trips, reusable camping water bottles will provide you with more than enough hydration for your adventure. Bringing multiple drink bottles also means you won’t run out if you continue to explore beyond what you originally planned.

Camping water bladders and tanks are collapsible, high capacity storage devices able to hold anywhere between two and 200 litres of water, great for extended stays in the wilderness. Or as a backup supply at your campsite.

Camping water filtration bottles allow you to refill at freshwater sources, such as lakes and rivers without the worry of drinking contaminated water. The internal filters remove bacteria, waterborne viruses and organic contaminants, leaving you with fresh, clean water.

The thermos is a crucial piece of equipment for any early riser and mobile traveller. They keep your coffee hot on cold mornings and your Milo cold on summer days.

For more information about your next camping water storage solution, check out our review of a few different types of reusable water bottles.