Water Bottles for Camping


Water Bottles for Camping for Sale

When you are out in the middle of the wild country, it’s important to make sure you carry enough water with you for the day’s adventures. Reusable water bottles are the perfect companion on any camping adventure.

Water bottles are made from different materials, depending on their intended use. Manufacturers commonly use glass, plastic compounds, and stainless steel as these materials are lightweight and great at keeping liquids cool. There is a huge range of great water bottle designs out there today with an array of unique features.

Reusable Water Bottle Features

Available in different sizes and shapes, some water bottles come with useful features such as bite valve lids, enabling you to drink without the risk of spilling your water on the go. Water bottles also come with features such as:

  • Screw Top lids

  • **Removable straws

  • Silicon grip sleeves

  • Clips, and carry handles

And it’s not just about water, some bottles featured on Outdoria are designed to carry hot beverages as well: double-wall insulated, capable of keeping liquids warm for as long as 12 hours in the right conditions.

BPA-free Water Bottles

A big selling point for reusable bottles is the fact that many are BPA free. Bisphenol A is used in one-use plastic packaging to help preserve the contents of containers. The issue with BPA is that there is some evidence to suggest that ingesting the chemical can be harmful to unborn children and infants. Going for a BPA free option simply means you are reducing the amount of chemical compounds entering your system.

Water Bottles for all Ages

At Outdoria, you’ll find water bottles suitable for everyone in the family. Kids’ water bottles are BPA-free and come in a huge number of cool designs and patterns, making drinking water fun on your camping trip. With easy sipper lids, kids’ water bottles are the perfect choice for the active, outgoing family.

Great Water Bottle Brands on Outdoria

Outdoria is the marketplace for everything outdoor in Australia. That means you’ll find a great range of awesome brands all in one place; trusted brands such as:

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