Toy Haulers


Bring your big boy toys

If you love exploring the outdoors like us, sometimes you find that you just don’t have room in the car for all the gear you want. Don’t miss out again on getting out on the trail, onto the water or up that mountain.

Introducing the toy hauler. The beast of the recreational vehicle world, the toy hauler is designed to take you, your family, your mates and all your outdoor gear to your favourite holiday spot. It's a great feeling towing a toy hauler, almost like you ripped your home off of its foundations and latched it onto your four-wheel drive.

There is space reserved in the back, complete with rails for tying your equipment down in transit. You can take the motorbikes to explore forgotten trails, all the ski and snowboard gear you could hope to lug up the mountain, or even take the jet ski to your beloved seaside paradise.

No compromises needed

But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. Toy haulers still come stock standard with all the usual amenities you would expect in a [caravan], including: bathroom, kitchen, cabin dining areas. They make use of intelligent design in order to utilise space most effectively. Beds fold up while you travel enabling you to easily fit multiple motorbikes or mountain bikes in the cargo area.

Bells and whistles

Although most toy haulers already come with all the latest and greatest gadgets and accessories, personalising your mobile headquarters with useful gear can make staying away from home even more comfortable. Outdoria has a huge range of parts and accessories to make your toy hauler your own. Our Caravan Holiday Checklist is a great place to start if you need ideas on what to bring with you!

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