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Toy Haulers Available from Dealers in Australia

If you are into the outdoors in a big way like we are, sometimes you find that you just don’t have room in the car for all of the gear you need to get out on the trail, out on the water, or up that mountain.

Introducing the toy hauler. The beast of the recreational vehicle world, the toy hauler is designed to take you, your family, your mates and all your outdoor gear to the places you perform your favourite outdoor sports and activities. It's a great feeling towing a toy hauler, almost like you took your home off of its foundations (garage and all) and latched it onto your four-wheel drive. There is space reserved in the back, complete with rails for tying your equipment down in transit. You can take the motorbikes, all the ski and snowboard gear you could hope to lug up the mountain, or even take the jet ski to your favourite outdoor holiday destinations.

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Standard Features & Amenities

But that doesn’t mean you have to make sacrifices on comfort. Toy haulers still come stock standard with all the usual amenities you might need: bathroom, kitchen, cabin, dining areas and comes complete with external towing capabilities. They make use of intelligent design in order to utilise space most effectively. Beds fold up while you travel enabling you to easily fit two motorbikes in the cargo area.

Transform your Toy Hauler

On top of that you can personalise your toy hauler to fit your individual style and needs. Going off-road? Why not opt for a 4WD option.

If you love the outdoors like we do, why not consider installing solar panel power and help reduce your carbon footprint? Solar not only benefits the environment, but you will love not having to cash out for powered sites spending more time in the wilderness and less time recharging.

You will need to keep track of your energy consumption, water tank and waste tank levels. Rather than going out in the cold, you can install a resource monitoring system to keep track of things from the cabin so you know exactly when you need to head to a registered campground for a top up (or to empty your waste tanks).

With the advances in mobile technology, you can even have your TV and watch it too, right in the heart of the great outdoors. Sharon’s been cheating on Barry? Don’t worry, you’ll be up with the play on all your favourite TV dramas before Cheryll knocks on the door to spill the beans.

Take Your Toy Hauler Camping Anywhere in Australia

Toy Haulers are designed with the adventurous camper in mind, so you can be sure that manufacturers have built an RV that can handle the rough stuff. If you are planning on spending a lot of time off the beaten track, it might be a good idea to go for an off-road version with an upgraded suspension, chassis and tyres.

A great destination to consider first, and which might just save you a few pennies, is your local national park. You can experience nature in its true, unblemished form, and there is a good chance there is plenty of trails and areas to explore on foot, on the bike or by boat.

Camping is usually free, but the park might rely on funding from donations. If you leave a donation it will go towards the upkeep of the park and help fund any current conservation programs. Take out more than you take in, and help to keep our parks clean and natural for future generations to come!

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