Touring Tents


4x4 touring tents for sale online in Australia

It comes as no surprise that touring tents are favoured among campers and Australian 4x4 fanatics. They are fast and easy to set up, require few additional parts and accessories, and are made to handle the rugged conditions of the Australian wilderness.

Here at Outdoria, you'll find traditional ground-based touring tents alongside rooftop tents designed specifically for 4WD adventures. Forget about jumping between websites to compare products; you can do all of your shopping right here.

What size touring tent is right for me?

Well, it all depends on the make and model, but it’s easy to narrow down your options and find a tent that is the right size for your camping needs. You’ll find 2-person touring tents, 3-person, 4-person, 5-person, even tents capable of sleeping 6 campers! Regardless of how big your team is (within reason) there’s a tent to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable on the road.

Fast-pitch rooftop tents for 4x4 adventures

Rooftop tents are made specifically for use with your 4WD. Installing a shelter on the roof of your vehicle has a great range of benefits.

  • You'll reduce the chance of flooding

  • You are out of reach of wildlife

  • No pegs required!

  • And of course, the view is definitely better.

Rooftop touring tents use a pole system that allows you to raise the walls quickly and lock them into place. No more threading tent poles through the canvas. No more pegs. No more guy ropes. A lightweight ladder is all that you need to keep your tent secure to the ground once set up.

Note: some rooftop tent models feature both roof and ground-based tent sections.

Of course if you do happen to need accessories like poles, pegs, and guy ropes, you can buy all of those here too.

Canvas touring tent seasonal use

While shopping for your new tent, it’s important to think about the weather conditions you are most likely to experience.

2 season touring tents are designed to handle spring and summer camping conditions – a great choice for warmer weather.

3 season models are made to handle spring, summer, and autumn weather conditions. Water and windproof, 3-season tents are reliable models suitable for most camping adventures.

4 season tents are built to protect you and your fellow campers even in winter weather conditions. Sleep easy knowing your touring tent is designed to stay dry in a heavy downpour and light snow.