Touring Tents


Touring Tents for Sale

Going from campsite to campsite every day lets you explore more of the endless world around you. It gets tiresome having to spend ages setting up and dismantling the same tent over and over again. Your time could be better spent elsewhere doing the things you love, which is why a touring tent is your solution. Outdoria features a range of small to large capacity touring tents for sale, perfect for any sized group or family!

Touring tent quick-setup systems

The primary role of a touring tent is being able to be quickly setup and packed away. Some use a folding frame system where poles tuck into each other, while others feature a centre pole design to quickly push up the roof of the tent once pegged out. Large touring tents feature extendable awnings and separate sleeping areas for your convenience. Touring tents are commonly used by four-wheel drivers, moto-campers and groups frequently staying at different destinations each night.

Touring tents are weather resistant and typically provide reasonable protection from the elements. They aren’t able to survive extreme conditions like hiking tents but are able to still remain stable and waterproof in tough climates. Due to their quick setup mechanisms, large touring tents do weigh more than most other types of tents, which will require a vehicle for transportation. Small touring tents, on the other hand, weigh far less and can be easily carried in a backpack.

If you’re looking for something lighter, dome tents take slightly longer to setup but generally weigh far less. If you need even more room, cabin-tents are spacious and can fit large groups easily inside them.

Other types of touring tents

If you are looking for a touring tent that saves even more time to set up, have a look at our range of 4WD roof top tents for sale. They attach to the roof of your vehicle and set up only involves unfolding the tent when you reach your destination.