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Camping Lanterns and Torches

There is nothing worse than arriving at your campsite a bit later than expected, beginning to set your tent up as the sun begins to fall below the horizon, and then realising, you don't have a torch. Torches and lanterns designed for camping are lightweight, durable, and an essential piece of camping gear to take with you on any outdoor adventure.

As with all products found at Outdoria, our selection of torches and lanterns represent a wide variety of brands. In our marketplace, you’ll find solar-powered camping lanterns that can be trusted without the help of batteries or fuel as well as battery powered camping lanterns. When browsing our products, you’ll discover a variety of camping lanterns and your choice of brands.

You’ll also find choices as they relate to style. Choose from among a variety of colours, including black, camouflage, blue, green, orange and red.

Energy Efficient Choices for Outdoor Lighting

Harness the power of the sun as you spend your time in nature and all of its beauty by choosing a solar-powered camping lantern. When you choose solar-powered camping lanterns, you get access to an inexhaustible resource that can give you lighting throughout your trip. There are no batteries or fuel to mess with, just a powerful, bright camping lantern that provides dependable performance. This type of power is energy-efficient, too.

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At Outdoria, our goal is to help you have the best time possible in the outdoors. That means anticipating the many gear and equipment needs that different adventurers experience, then offering those products in a comprehensive, easily accessible online marketplace. Shop with us to find a huge selection of camping products including torches and lanterns. When you want a huge selection of outdoors gear and equipment, turn to Outdoria.

Finding the outdoor gear and equipment you need is fast and easy with Outdoria — torches, camping lanterns and more. You can shop 24/7 from any web-enabled mobile device.

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In addition to buying gear and equipment, you can also sell your stuff on our online marketplace. Make money on the gear you no longer use so you can buy the gear you want.

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