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Thermal Underwear for Sale Online

Skiers, snowboarders, alpinists, climbers, hikers, cyclists: outdoor adventurers wear thermal clothing for its superior performance when the mercury drops.

If you’ve spent much time up the mountain, you’ll surely know the benefits of a good set of thermals. Designed to act like a second skin, thermal tops and bottoms are so comfortable you’ll soon be wearing them under your work clothes on those cold winter mornings.

Here we’ve pulled together a quick guide to thermal underwear so you know what to look for while shopping for your next set at Outdoria.

The Importance of Layering Outdoor Gear

Layering your winter clothing is the most effective way to insulate against the cold, and protect yourself from wind, rain and snow. Most layering systems make use of synthetic or woollen underwear, a mid-layer insulator, and an outer layer usually in the form of a hard or soft shell jacket. We explain the art of layering and offer suggestions of different garment combos in our guide: ‘How to Layer Clothing for the Outdoors.’

Snow wear manufacturers are careful to select materials that are warm for their weight and feature natural moisture wicking properties. Basically, what that means is they dry faster than materials like cotton, and are good at drawing sweat away from your skin which has a tendency to make you cold as it dries.

Natural vs. Synthetic Materials

These days, thermals are either made from natural materials like Merino wool or synthetics like polypropylene. They each have their pros and cons depending on the conditions in which they are used.

As a general rule, woollen undergarments tend to be warmer, are capable of absorbing more moisture, and tend to be less stinky after a couple of days use. However, they take longer to dry than synthetics and tend to be more expensive.

Synthetic garments are great at wicking moisture, making them suitable for riders who either sweat a lot or work hard on the slopes. The dry fast at the end of the day, but they can have a tendency to smell worse than wool the following day.

Of course, there are exceptions to these rules and a lot of the time it comes down to how much you want to spend and personal preference. Some riders even prefer to mix it up, going for a wool top and a synthetic bottom, or vice versa.

Finding the right set of thermals for you at Outdoria

Outdoria takes the hassle out of shopping online for outdoor gear. Browsing many outdoor stores all in one place means you have access to the best range of snow clothing. You’ll find men’s and women’s thermals and even one piece warmers for the kids in the family.

Before you check out and hit the slopes, make sure you check out all the other snow gear available at Outdoria. You can buy skis, snowboards, boots & bindings, jackets and pants, and so much more right here at our online marketplace.