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Tents & Accessories


A Home for Every Adventurer

Sleeping under the stars is every camper's dream. Sometimes, uncontrollable factors such as weather, insects and the terrain can lead to an uncomfortable experience. Outdoria’s range of tents and accessories will ensure you get the best possible sleep in every circumstance. For every situation you may find yourself in, there is a tent for it.

What’s a Tent?

A tent is a portable shelter designed to keep you away from the elements while you rest. They are made from lightweight materials such as canvas, polyester or nylon and incorporate a series of poles, ropes and pegs to support and secure the tent to the ground.

Tent’s come in many sizes, ranging from compact one-man shelters to spacious 10 person tents. They also come suited for different climates and terrains, featuring additional waterproofing and insulation in winter tents, while summer tents contain increased ventilation and breathability.

What do I need to bring with my tent?

Every tent should come with all the equipment needed to set it up straight out of the box. That being said, tent pegs, ropes and tarps get misplaced, damaged and ‘borrowed’ from time to time. Outdoria has spare and replacement tent accessories for many popular tents. Bringing spare parts means if you do run into trouble with your tent, your adventure isn’t cut short and you can keep exploring.

Accessorising your tent to make it more comfortable can be done in a number of ways. Awnings provide additional shade and roofing over your tent, keeping you cool from the hot sun. Water repellent sprays seal the gaps in between threads to make the outer shell of your tent waterproof. This will make your tent less breathable but it will be able to handle wetter conditions and light snow with ease.

Tent footprints and mats provide a mobile floor you can use while camping. They have been designed to filter dirt through the mat leaving you a comfortable mat to rest on. These are best used at the entrance to your tent so you don’t bring dirt with you when you’re inside.

Choosing the right tent

For additional information about buying your next tent, visit our tents page and check out our Tent Buying Guide to help you pick the perfect tent for you!

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