Australian Swags for Sale Online

The Australian swag has been in use for years as a lightweight, compact, portable sleeping unit, perfect for camping in the Aussie outdoors. Today, both traditional and modern swags are used by campers, hikers, and festival goers as a great way to spend the night, protected from the sun, the rain, and pesky insects.

You might ask the question: why would you bother buying a swag instead of a tent? Campers choose swags because of their ease of use, their compact size when rolled up for transportation, and their durable construction.

Swags made for Australian camping conditions

Just one look at a swag and you’ll see that the emphasis is on durability. The Australian landscape isn’t the most forgiving of camping environments, so it’s important that your swag tent is made to handle the heat; the rough desert floor.

At Outdoria, you’ll find a great range of swags from Australian manufacturers who know exactly what a swag needs to be. Available in a range of colours (but primarily desert tan, and forest green) swags are great at blending into their environment, making them a favourite tent model for fishing, bird watching, even hunting.

Australian swag manufacturers that have earned their stripes

At Outdoria, you can shop a range of swag models from great Aussie brands like:

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You can browse new swags or used models, you can shop models that feature ventilation, and even view only those product listings available near you.

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