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The Spirit of Adventure

When you think of a swag, you imagine a lone traveller venturing through the Australian outback. With a bush hat on their head and a swag on their back, they wander from destination to destination, always seeking the next great adventure. Not much has changed these days and you too can become like the travellers of old.

Swags were originally created with one purpose in mind, extreme durability. Modern swags still embody this and are tougher than ever. The outside of the swag is made from heavy duty ripstop canvas to protect you from the elements, while the inside features a thick mattress and waterproof floor to keep you comfortable while you sleep.

Swag vs. tent

You may be wondering why you would take a swag over a traditional tent. Although you may not get as much vertical room in a tent, swags are surprisingly spacious and most feature storage for personal belongings such as keys and torches. Swags take only minutes to set up and unlike some tents, only require a single person to quickly construct it. They use smaller poles and ropes to support the structure and require less space to be set up. You can also combine your swag with a ground sheet or stretcher to keep the bottom of it clean while in muddy, sandy or wet conditions. Double swags are increasing in popularity, as they allow more room for the solo camper and their gear, or to house two travellers in one compact space.

Swags have a dual roof system using a layer of canvas for weatherproof protection and mesh panels to keep the insects out of your home. Packing up your swag is simple as removing the poles, ropes and rolling it up. You can even leave your sleeping bag inside the swag when you roll it up for an even quicker setup. Depending on the size of your chosen swag, smaller single swags can be easily carried on your back while larger double swags will need to be transported with a vehicle.

A swag for when adventure calls

Camping, fishing, four-wheel driving and hiking has never been easier with a swag. From exploring the harsh Australian desert to venturing deep into the bush, a swag from Outdoria will keep you comfortable as you explore your world.

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