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Different Surfboards for Wave Riders of all Ability Levels and Styles

Australia is world renowned as a surfing destination for good reason. Graced with beautiful summer weather and big winter swells, all you need to surf down under is the right skills, (occasionally) a wetsuit, and the right surfboard.

You’ll find great range of surfboards for sale on Outdoria: whether you are looking to progress to a short board, or you are looking for your very first surfboard to learn on, you’ll find models in different styles and sizes to suit you.

So what are the different types of surfboards? We’ll start with beginner boards and work our way up to advanced models briefly explaining each board and it's best use.

  • Soft Board / G Board: for young surfers and absolute beginners, soft boards are designed to be easier to manoeuvre and carry in the surf, and to provide additional flotation, helping you to get onto the wave easily. They come in a range of sizes relevant to the rider’s age and weight.

  • Long Board / Malibu: it is often assumed that long boards are only for beginner surfers. But long boards were actually the first type of surfboards used in Polynesia and Hawaii. Long boards can be used by either beginner or advanced surfers depending on the wave conditions and the way you want to ride them. Skilled surfers can use the stability of the board to perform tricks on the wave utilising the whole surface of the board: think the hang ten.

  • Mini Mal: the younger cousin to the Malibu, the mini mal is another good choice for beginner surfers while allowing a bit more room for progression. Mini Mals turn quicker while still allowing you to hold on to waves for longer due to their length and width.

  • Fish Board: there is a common misconception that a fish board is a beginner board. But it should be considered more of an intermediate / advanced surfboard model. Fish boards are wider than short boards and shorter than mini mals, and perform better on smaller waves. Look for the characteristic swallow-shaped tail for which it gets its name.

  • Short Board: the high performance machines of the ocean, short boards are lightweight, shorter and narrower, than other models, designed to turn quickly, responding to precise inputs from the rider. But – and this is the case with all types of surfboards – it is possible to find short boards that are aimed at beginner / intermediate surfers. The key is to be realistic about your ability and always be sure to ask your retailer if you are unsure which board will be right for you.

  • Gun Board: if big waves are your thing, then you are going to need some firepower. Gun boards are typically much longer than other surfboard models, designed to help you to catch big, fast moving waves providing extra stability, while still being lightweight.

Additional Accessories & Equipment

Surfing requires more than just a board. At Outdoria you will find everything you need to get out there and start catching waves…and to stay warm afterwards. A good surfboard leash is essential to make sure that if you lose your board it doesn’t stray far, and it’s imperative that you have a quality wetsuit for surfing in cold conditions.

Just remember, these are only basic guidelines, and there are usually exceptions to almost every rule. If you want to find out more our blog article, 'What Surfboard is Right for You' breaks down the different surfboard models in more detail.