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Surfing Gear & Swimwear for Sale Online

If you are anything like us here at Outdoria, you have found yourself transfixed as a perfectly formed barrel lifts and rolls over on itself, seemingly suspended in the air before slowly crashing onto the shore. The desire to be carried by a wave like that is something shared by millions of people the world over. And the best part is, there are so many different ways you can surf.

Range of Surfboards at Outdoria

Surfboards range in shape, size, volume and style depending on the type of surfing you like to do and your level of experience. Typically, all you need to get started is a surfboard, leash, and the right clothing, but there are a number of additional pieces of gear that can take your riding to the next level which you will find here as well.

You'll find surfboards suitable to riders of all levels of ability at our marketplace.

  • Longboards are great for beginners, and for experienced surfers who like to surf smaller waves with big style.

  • Softboards are aimed at kids and people who want to learn to surf quickly, helped along by the board's added buoyancy.

  • Shortboards are used by the surfing elite, and experienced recreational surfers, designed for agility and riding bigger waves.

  • Fish boards are great for intermediate level board riders and come in a range of sizes and styles.

Different Types of Surfing

There are so many ways to catch a wave. A quick look at Outdoria's massive online marketplace will show you just how many options are available to the would-be surfer.

SUP has boomed in popularity over the last decade in Australia, more and more people exploring the oceans, lakes and rivers under their own paddle power. Stand up paddle boards are typically longer and wider than surfboards to provide stability while single bladed paddle propels you across the surface of the water and into the breaking waves.

Surf Skis are primarily used by surf lifesaving clubs as a tool for rescuing swimmers who are getting to trouble. Surf skis are similar to sea kayaks, although are much longer and narrower helping them to push through breaking waves as the rider paddles out to sea. Surf skis are designed perfectly for catching waves as you paddle back into shore.

A popular surf sport among people of all ages, bodyboarding is great fun and a good introduction to surfing. It can be as difficult as you want to make it - beginners can ride small waves close to shore while experienced body boarders wear fins for propelling themselves into big waves.

Surf Culture

Surfing has grown from a recreational activity into a competitive sport, a popular form of exercise and an all round cultural phenomenon. Surfing has spawned entire industries based on the boards themselves, the clothing surfers like to wear and even their favourite types of music. And of course, you don't have to be a surfer to enjoy a day at the beach. At Outdoria you'll also find everything you need for your next trip to the coast.

If you're searching for more information, look no further than our Beginner's Guide to Surfing which give you a good idea of what you need and how to get up on a wave.