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Soft Boards and Beginner Surfboards for Sale in Australia

Whether you are brand new to surfing yourself, or there is a little grommet in the family keen to catch some waves, a soft board is your best bet for accelerating the learning process. Soft boards are lightweight, extremely buoyant, and have great stability: perfect for young riders.

Soft Board Construction

Soft boards are made predominately from high-density, water-tight foam. Foam is used because it increases the buoyancy of the board, and also makes it less likely to cause injury during a wipe out. Foam naturally provides more grip than traditional surfboard materials, so young surfers and beginners can focus on spending more time in the water, and less time worrying about applying wax to their soft board (although this is an important skill to learn down the line).

Due to their construction, soft boards are also very, very durable. Foam is the perfect material for absorbing impact (think bicycle helmets).

Soft Board Sizes

Soft boards range in size so it shouldn't be hard to find one suited to you. They can be as short as 4" long, but typically range from 6" to 8". As a general guide, your board should always be taller than you by at least 6 to 10 inches. A bigger board will be more stable and easier to control while you are learning. When you have mastered the soft board, you can move on to a mini mal or even a shortboard.

Additional Gear for New Surfers

Along with your new board, you are going to want to pick up a few other surfing essentials as well.

A surfboard leash is a necessary accessory for all surfers. A leash (or leg rope) connects you to your board, ensuring that it doesn’t stray too far when you wipe out…and doesn’t wipe out other beach users in the process.

Even if it’s not that cold when you start to surf, you should get into a wetsuit pretty quickly. A wetsuit not only protects you from the cold, but stops you getting a nasty rash when you’ve been lying on your soft board for hours, and is one of the best defences against sun burn!

With your soft board, your wetsuit, and your leg rope you are pretty much set to catch some waves. But there is also a huge range equipment designed to help you both on, and off the water. Dry bags, warm clothing, surfboard wax - all of these items have a place in your kit bag.

Awesome Surf Brands on Outdoria

Outdoria is home to some of the freshest brands in surfing. Retailers and private sellers from around Australia, sell their soft boards and surf gear on our massive online marketplace, making it easy for you to find what you are looking for – everything surfing in one place.

If you're brand new to surfing and you're looking to learn more, our video Beginner's Guide to Surfing is a great place to start your journey across the waves.