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Snow Goggles for Sale Online

If you’ve ever experienced complete whiteout on the mountain, you’ll know that visibility can change in an instant. Your ability to see clearly can be the difference between a good day on the slopes and an awesome one!

Snow goggles are designed to enable you to see clearly at high altitudes where the glare of the sun reflecting of the snow makes it a harsh environment for your eyes. Not only are goggles essential for protecting your eyes from the sun, they also help protect your face from the cold, and can even enhance your vision under certain light conditions depending on the lenses installed.

Snow Goggles Lenses

There are two types of snow goggles to choose from today, single lens goggles, and dual lens goggles.

  • Single lens goggles are often a more affordable option, great for young skiers and boarders or for those looking to buy their first pair. Single lens models are not as good at preventing lenses from fogging up on the slopes.

  • Dual lens construction forms an insulating layer of air between the two lenses that prevents the difference in temperature between the outside environment and the inside of the goggles causing moisture to build up on the inner lens surface, (also known as condensation or fog). Basically, two lenses are better than one.

Once you’ve chosen how many lenses you need, you’ll need to select a model with the right lens tint (or lenses) for the conditions that you experience most frequently on the mountain.

Why are lenses different colours?

Lenses are coloured to perform under different light conditions: for example, clear lenses allow the most light in and are therefore suitable to night time skiing, while black lenses block out the most light so are only really suitable to skiing in bright sunlight.

There are a huge number of tints to choose from - from green to red, gold, brown, and blue, each tint is suited to differing levels of light. Special photocromatic lenses are able to adjust to the level of light, turning clear when indoors, and growing darker as you move outside.

What if I wear prescription glasses?

No worries! There are plenty of snow goggles that are compatible with prescription glasses providing enough room between the lens and your face while also leaving room for the arms of your glasses to sit comfortably over your ears without digging in.

How do I know my snow goggles fit?

Snow goggles need to fit snugly on your face for their anti-fog capabilities to work properly. Make sure that the foam seals around your face and the strap is firm but not too tight. Goggles are adjustable to allow for use with helmets too.

Sunglasses for alpine conditions

Sunglasses are a great option for skiing or boarding in fine weather, or for changing into apres ski. Sunglasses suited to alpine conditions make use of the same lens technologies as snow goggles - some even strap close to the face to create an airtight seal like goggles too.

All the gear you need for the snow

You’ve got your eyes covered, what about the rest of you? Outdoria has got you covered: here you can browse everything snow, from skis, to snowboards, jackets, pants, thermals, backpacks, boots, ski poles and more, from retailers and private sellers Australia-wide.