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Snow gloves for Sale Online in Australia

If you’ve spent much time on the mountain (and even if you haven’t) you’ll know how good it feels to be able to scoop up some snow, roll it into a perfect ball, and hurl it at your best friend.

But a quality pair of snow mitts is great for more than just alpine mischief; they are an essential piece of outdoor gear for any alpine adventurer to have on-hand.

At Outdoria, we make it easy to shop for gloves and snow clothing by organising products from a huge range of sellers into relevant categories. You can search for a new pair of snow mitts by colour, gender, brand, and of course, size. And once you’ve found a pair you like you’ll save time by buying online and getting them shipped directly to your door in time for your next winter adventure.

Ski and snowboard gloves designed to perform on-mountain

There are two prevailing types of snow gloves used by alpine adventurers: mitts and gloves with fingers.

While it largely comes down to personal preference which ones you choose, mitts make a great choice if you are looking for snow gloves for kids. Snow mitts keep your little one’s fingers packed side-by-side, which improves insulation keeping them warmer for longer.

If you prefer to have a bit more dexterity, regular gloves still do a great job of protecting your extremities from the cold.

Today, snow gear manufacturers use a range of high-performance materials to insulate and repel water and wind.

Materials & Construction

You’ve got two styles to choose from and two choices for materials. Typically, leather and synthetic materials are used to make ski and snowboard gloves waterproof, breathable, and very, very warm.

Shell construction: snow glove outer layers are made from leather or modern waterproof breathable fabrics like Gore-tex and eVent. While some of the more high-end models are moving toward synthetics, leather is still a great choice on account of its natural water repellent properties and long-life durability. The addition of a waterproof-breathable membrane between the shell and inner layer improves the water repelling properties of high-end models.

Insulation: the inner material of your snow gloves serves two main purposes: to feel comfortable against your skin and to dramatically improve insulation. Like the gloves shell materials, the lining will usually be either synthetic or natural. Wool and fleece are commonly used for their natural wicking properties (ability to draw sweat away from your skin) and excellent insulation.

Look out for additional features

Now you have an idea of the main difference between the snow glove models available, you can start to narrow down your options, taking into account additional features such as wrist straps, lens squeegees, and abrasion resistant pads. Such features are likely to come at an added cost, but all have their place on the mountain for serious snow-goers.

Armed with new knowledge, its time to start searching for that perfect pair of gloves for winter. While you’re at it make sure you check out the full range of snow gear and outdoor gear for sale at Outdoria. And if you would like to learn more about the world of snow sports, head over to our editorial section where you’ll find a wealth of alpine articles, photos and video content.