Slide On Campers for Sale


Slide On Campers for Sale

Born in the USA, slide on campers (a.k.a truck campers for Americans) have only recently launched onto the Australian RV market. Although new to here, the level of technology and space efficiency inside them showcases their pedigree.

Slide on, slide off

Slide on campers are self-contained units capable of being carried on the tray or in the tub of a ute or larger pickup truck. The room available in the rear of the vehicle will determine the size of the slide on camper you can carry. Bigger pickup trucks such as the Ford F250 are able to carry some of the largest slide on campers, while the smaller Toyota Hilux would be better suited for a more space-conscious slide on ute camper.

While they may appear cumbersome and complicated to use, slide on campers take little time to dismount and place at your campsite. Modern slide on campers use electric-powered telescopic legs to raise and lower the cabin. The process is very simple and can be done in under five minutes.

First, disengage the camper from the tray of your vehicle and lower the legs to the ground. Once the legs have reached the ground, lift the camper above the tray of the vehicle and drive out. After parking the ute, lower the legs down again until the camper is near the ground.

To return the camper onto the vehicle, just reverse the steps by raising it back up again. No more wasting time connecting and disconnecting your trailer, a slide on camper is a hassle-free way to bring your home along.

Slide on camper considerations

Although similar to a campervan or motorhome, slide on campers have a few special features that make them an excellent option when deciding which mobile home to buy.

Each of the electric legs can be adjusted to keep you level on uneven ground and have been designed to balance the camper safely in severe weather. Depending on the size of the slide on camper, it may have either a combined shower and toilet or separate areas for each.

Cleaning, heating and cooling is easier than a motorhome due to the smaller size of the cabin. Being able to tow your toys behind you and leave your cabin at the campgrounds makes a slide on camper a very appealing option for many adventurers.

Size matters

Since slide on campers attach to the tray or tub of your ute, the size of your vehicle will increase slightly. Most campers will have a little overhang on the sides of your vehicle which may mean needing extended mirrors and not being able to fit through tight passages like you would normally in your car. The height of your vehicle is also raised as most slide on campers feature the bedroom in the top section of the cabin. Be wary of shallow bridges and low hanging branches that may damage the roof of your camper.

However, since your vehicle won’t increase in length much and you aren’t towing a caravan, your 4WD will remain highly manoeuvrable through town and around the campgrounds.

We feature new and used slide on campers for sale from some of the best manufacturers, including: Millard, Northstar and King. Contact your local retailer to find the best slide on camper for your ute or pickup truck today!