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Satellite Phones for Sale Online in Australia

Australia is an unforgiving environment to those who seek to venture way out there unprepared. It’s important that you not only have a precise trip plan for extended adventures into Australia’s wilderness, but that you have some way of communicating with loved ones and emergency services back home.

Satellite phone technology has made leaps and bounds in recent years. Hand held units have gotten lighter and more durable, and satellite communications companies like Iridium are providing coverage Australia wide via extensive satellite networks.

Satellite Phone Models Available at Outdoria

There are two main types of satellite phones: hand held units, and fixed units.

  • Sat phone handset are designed to cope with the rigours of outdoor exploration, and are capable of providing a clear signal via satellites orbiting the Earth. Portable handsets are ideal for adventurers going on extended hiking expeditions, cycle touring, back country skiing, even camping. If you are planning on spending a great deal time outside of terrestrial phone service, you should consider a sat phone.

  • Fixed units are designed to fit to your 4WD, boat, or aircraft providing reliable lines of communication with home base. The benefits of a fixed unit are many: it doesn’t need charging (it runs off your battery) and is protected from the elements living inside your vehicle.

Data, Prepaid Airtime Packages, and Wi-Fi

Fear not! You can still access the internet via satellite. One of the great features of modern satellite phone technologies is that they can provide an internet connection in the middle of nowhere. The latest technologies like the Iridium GO! create a Wi-Fi hotspot right there in the centre of camp that you can tap into. Researchers, writers, athletes, and athletes use these powerful tools to plan trips in real time, check weather reports on-mountain, and send emails and stories back to the office direct from the tent.

Satellite phone service providers offer prepaid air time packages and post-paid plans to use with your new sat phone.

Check out the awesome range of satellite phones and navigation equipment designed to enable outdoor adventurers to go further, confident that they are still connected in times of need.