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If like us, you love everything about the great outdoors, then there’s a good chance you also wish you could live there too. An RV (recreational vehicle) lets you do just that!

RVs are designed to enable you to spend many nights away at your favourite holiday destinations without needing to book accommodation. They’re self-contained, mobile apartments which can either be towed by your car or – as in the case of the motorhome – within your vehicle itself.

At Outdoria, we use the term RV to refer to all recreational vehicles, from motorhomes and campervans to caravans and trailers. You’ll find RVs come in both on road and off-road variants to suit your style of travel. We’ve divided them into different categories based on their form and functionality, and all RVs can be customised to incorporate a range of features in their layout - both internally and externally. Check out this handy infographic that explains the different types!


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Our range features new caravan and RV parts and accessories from leading brands such as Jayco, Camco, Fiamma and Al-Ko. We also list products from great retailers like: RV Parts Express and Malandy Outdoor Adventure!

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You can really make yourself feel at home on your camping adventures by upgrading your RV with additional features. From bike carriers and solar panels to satellite TV and resource monitors, we have everything you need and much more to make your RV just the way you want it.

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Need some inspiration on what you might want to change on your RV? Maybe the ‘Big Lap’ of Australia is your next great journey and you need ideas on what to pack? Our blog has all the information you need to assist you in your travels!