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Jayco has come a long way since building the first Jayco Camper Trailer in 1975. Back then, owner Gerry Ryan was working with a tight team of just 8. Today, Jayco employs over 1,000 Australians making it the largest dealer and service network within the RV industry in Australia.

The range of carvans, RVs, and parts offered by Jayco quickly expanded following the success of the first camper trailer. In 1983, the first Jayco Caravan model was released: five years later, Jayco would introduce their Outback Camper Trailer, the first model in a line of off-road capable RVs. You can now buy any Jayco RV in their Outback model; the off-road ready version complete with reinforced chassis, suspension and tyres.

The Range of Jayco RVs and Products

As the company grew, so too did the family of Jayco models as the company sought to provide a vehicle suited to every type of Australian outdoor adventure. Extensive research and development lead to the creation of such innovations as the Expanda, a caravan-camper trailer hybrid that ticks the boxes for young adventurous families looking for an affordable, capable touring model.

Pop Tops hit the line up with force and soon became a popular model. Pop Tops provide the space of a caravan, but keep the weight down making use of an extendable roof and tent annexes to create more room and pack down while in transit.

Motorhomes, Toy Haulers, and the J-Pod have since joined the Jayco family. Motorhomes take away the hassle of a tow vehicle, while the Toy Hauler offers enough storage space for a motorcycle, and the J-Pod is compact enough to be towed behind a regular sedan.

No matter what you are looking for in a recreational vehicle, Jayco has surely designed and manufactured a model that fits your needs.

Caravan & RV Customisation

One of the reason why they can so easily suit those needs is that Jayco RVs are available in such a wide variety of vehicle base lengths and floor plans. You can opt for models with more storage space, or go for the floor plan with additional sleeping compartments and the washing machine. You can choose from optional extras such as satellite TV, and bike racks. If you want it, there is very likely a Jayco model that has it, or that can add it if you so choose.

Jayco Caravan Parts

One of the added benefits of choosing a Jayco is the Australia-wide network of dealers and registered service agents. This means it’s easy to find the spare parts that you need to replace old, or damaged features on your RV. At Outdoria, you’ll find an extensive range of caravan & motorhome parts designed for individual Jayco models, from a new kitchen sink, to that little handle that came loose over time and got lost in the Simpson Desert somewhere. Parts are available for the different sections of your RV, from the cabin, to the kitchen, exterior and towing components, and bathroom accessories.

Enquire, Click & Collect or Buy Online

As the online marketplace for everything outdoors, Outdoria offers different ways to search for and find the Jayco products you want, all in one place. You can narrow your search for new or used caravans, RVs and parts, and once you've found a model you love, you can enquire with registered Jayco dealers, buy online, or ‘Click and Collect’ products from the closest store to you, saving time and postage costs.

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