RV Plumbing, Laundry & Bathroom


Caravan Bathroom Fittings

Having your own private bathroom inside or outside your RV is the best way to stay clean while away from home. Not that communal bathrooms aren’t great for meeting new people, but waiting in line to use the shower or toilet is not a desirable situation on any day. Outdoria has a great range of toilets, taps, showerheads and shower bases to upgrade your existing RV bathroom fittings or fix that leaky tap.

RV Laundry Accessories

Doing laundry after a long day of adventuring isn’t high on many people’s list of things to do. We want to make it simple and hassle free by providing you with a great range of products for all your clothes cleaning needs. A portable washing machine quickly cleans your clothes while a clothesline will help dry them soon after being left in the sun.

Caravan Plumbing Parts

Before you begin upgrading your caravan plumbing fittings, it is important to understand how your system works. A standard RV has three different water tanks located around the chassis of the vehicle.

  • The fresh water tank holds all your fresh water supplies, used for drinking, showering, washing dishes and flushing the toilet.

  • The grey water tank collects used water from the kitchen and bathroom until it can be dumped at a campsite.

  • The black water tank holds all your waste and toilet water until it is dumped at a campground’s septic system.

Here at Outdoria, we have a large variety of waste hoses, pipes and parts for sale to repair or upgrade your black and grey water systems. We also feature drinking water hoses, pipes and parts for sale, specially designed for use with the fresh water system too.