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Caravan Towing Accessories

Australia is a tough, rugged country. Anyone who has explored these roads will know how harsh it can be on your towing vehicle and RV. Get prepared for your next trip and properly equip your caravan, camper or motorhome for your next big adventure!

It’s not just off-road terrains that are rough on your caravan, weather can be just as harmful to your RV when not properly protected. Covers help guard the paintwork and body of the caravan when in storage, while awnings can be attached to provide shade and sun protection around your caravan when parked. Protect your investment while on the open road from flying debris with a stone shield. They create a mesh barrier around the front of the caravan designed to thwart those paint-chipping rocks from hitting your caravan. If disaster strikes on the open road, an upgraded braking system will help stop you and your trailer in an instant.

When arriving at your campsite for the night, make parking and reversing easier with a set of extended mirrors to see far past your vehicle. Maybe you had to park on a slight slope? Using a leveling device will support your vehicle and keep it stable when situated on an uneven surface. We even have jerry cans and extra gas cylinders for when heading to those remote locales.

Outdoria also features a wide range of caravan towing accessories to help take you and your caravan where you want to be. Weight distribution hitches to help balance the weight of your RV across your towing vehicle; jockey wheels for making manoeuvring your caravan even easier; while coupling locks stop would-be thieves from taking your pride and joy when away from the campsite.

Towing parts for caravans and RVs

Not sure where to start accessorising your caravan or motorhome? Our guides to essential caravan modifications and gadgets that’ll change the way you travel are great places to start your customisation journey.