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RV Electronics and Entertainment For Sale

Ah, the digital age. Technology is advancing and innovating to new levels every day. It’s a marvellous time to be alive, particularly if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a caravanner or an RVer. While most of us rely on technology to help us stay up to date with friends, family and reality TV, all you nomadic types have a bunch of other things to worry about too, like seeing in the dark, parking your home, and calling help when you’re axle-deep in quicksand.

If you’re going to have problems, we reckon these are pretty good ones to have. And we’ve got some pretty good solutions!

Electronics for caravans

The electronics you take will fall into one of two categories: the need-to-haves that’ll keep your day-to-day running like clockwork, and the nice-to-haves, like an entertainment system to keep your sanity intact when the weather’s gone south. Some useful RV electronics we wouldn’t leave home without include:

Shop RV entertainment

Evenings to kill? Nullarbors to cross? Kids to bribe? It’s not hard to see why a bit of RV entertainment could be the number one item you’ll regret not bringing on your next road trip.

  • A television is the tried-and-true method for keeping kids (and yes, adults too) entertained for as many (or as few) hours as you like.

  • Add a satellite dish and you’ll never miss out on that episode of your favourite show again (cough Bachelor in Paradise cough).

  • An audio system for your RV is a no-brainer. Every adventure needs its own soundtrack, not to mention car-aoke will kill hours of unremarkable driving time.

  • A satellite phone could and should be for edge-of-the-world emergencies. But it can also be for kicking back and making edge-of-the-world calls to your friends and family. A little humble holiday bragging never hurt anyone.

If you’re looking for some great tips about holidaying with the little ones, check out our blog post about caravanning with kids for a month in a Jayco Swan.