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Road Motorbikes for Sale Online in Australia

Australia is an amazing place to ride a road bike. With roads like Cradle Mountain, the Great Ocean Road, and the Adelaide Hills just waiting to be experienced, it’s no wonder that more and more Aussies are turning in their cars for two-wheeled machines.

At Outdoria we are passionate about motorcycling, so our goal is to help other motorcyclists find the bikes and the gear they need to experience the awesomeness of Australia’s roads.

Buying a Road Bike Online at Outdoria

So what sets Outdoria apart from all the other online bike shops out there we hear you ask?

Simply put, Outdoria isn’t a motorcycle shop: Outdoria is an online motorcycle marketplace. That means you can shop used motorbikes listed by private sellers alongside brand new road motorbikes for sale from bike shops located all around Australia. Outdoria is Australia’s online shopping centre for motorcycles and motorbike gear.

What types of road bikes can I buy online?

At Outdoria we split motorbikes into ‘road’ and ‘off road’ categories. From there we break road bikes down further into their relevant subcategories, like:

And more…

Our search system categorises all road motorbikes and motorbike gear based on a huge number of factors which you can then select or ignore while shopping at Outdoria.

If there is a particular brand you are looking for, you can search well-known manufacturers like Braaap, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Honda, to find a bike model to suit your style and needs.

You can filter your search results further, choosing to see only new or used models, motorbikes that fit your budget, or those listings that are for sale at a dealership (or from a private seller) in your part of the country. Outdoria makes it super easy to refine your search and find the best road motorbike for you.

Find a motorbike and all the extra gear you need

Our range isn’t limited to the motorbikes themselves… You’ll need protective gear, a helmet, and quality clothing to keep you warm and protect you from injury if you happen to fall while riding on the road. Buy or sell your road motorbike and get all the motorcycle gear you need at

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