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Rectangular Sleeping Bags for Sale

Rectangular bags are by far the roomiest type of sleeping bag. Unlike tapered or mummy sleeping bags, rectangular bags don’t taper in towards the feet, which allows for maximum room inside them. This creates better airflow but less insulation than the other types, making them better suited to warmer sleeping conditions.

Due to their size, rectangular sleeping bags are bulkier, heavier and take up more space than mummy or tapered bags. They are seen as the ‘jack-of-all-trades’ type of sleeping bag, as they can be used in every condition, but don’t excel in one particular area like the others.

Rectangular sleeping bags aren’t just great for camping. Many households carry a few of these rectangular sleeping bags for impromptu sleepovers, spare blankets and general around-the-house warmth.

Before purchasing one, measure your height and shoulder width. With those numbers in mind, buy a rectangular sleeping bag that is slightly bigger than that. This means you still get plenty of room to move around in while remaining warm.

For everything you need to know about selecting the right sleeping bag, head over to our sleeping bag buyers guide for more information!