Portable Fire Pits


Portable Fire Pits for Sale

Many campsites have restrictions on where you can build your fire. This often results in many campers finding it all too hard to set up one up for their campsite. A portable fire pit allows you to not only choose where you want your fire but the size of the fire too. Most camping fire pits feature a three-sided design, which allows air to enter the fire, while still restraining the fire to the size of the portable pit. Due to their shape, many portable fire pits require less wood to stay lit and feature a sturdy design that won’t bend or warp due to the heat.

Portable fire pits for cooking

Nothing beats a flame-grilled steak over an open fire pit, other than maybe flame-grilled marshmallows. Grills, hotplates and other accessories can be added to your fire pit, transforming it into the ultimate campsite cooking accessory. Camp ovens, jaffle irons and spits are common pieces of cooking equipment used with portable fire pits.

Camping fire pit safety

You can use your portable camping fire pit anywhere a normal campfire can be lit. Just be aware of fire restrictions, especially in summer, before you decide to set it up. Once it’s set up, a few safety precautions need to be taken before lighting it, such as; removing flammable materials and liquids from the vicinity of the fire pit, keeping kids away from the fire and fire pit frame as both will be extremely hot and extinguish the fire pit when you are done with it.