Pop Tops


Pop Tops Available from Retailers Australia-Wide

As modern RV technology has improved over the years, the basic form of the classic caravan has evolved, new shapes and designs splitting away from the family tree to form their own categories. The pop top is one such example of this: a modern hybrid of tent and caravan, a pop top provides you with the interior living space of larger caravans, with the portability of smaller models.

A pop top expands using tent extensions when you arrive at your site, and then packs down into a hard outer body trailer for transportation, improving aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

Pop Top Tent Extensions

Pop tops usually feature extendable tent berths at either end of the trailer that further increase the interior space and can be retracted inside the vehicle during transit. Like its other RV cousins, the pop top is available in both on-road and off-road options taking you further in to the wilds than ever before.

It's not all about extending indoor living, even if the weather takes a turn, the extendable awning on your pop top keeps you sheltered from the pouring rain, or blistering heat.

Pop Top & Caravan Parts and Extras

In addition to the usual standard amenities, the kitchen, bathroom, cabin, laundry and exterior and towing capabilities, your pop top can be customised to your liking, both at the point of sale and retrofitted later.

  • Do you like to listen to your music in the highest possible quality? You can have state of the art speaker systems installed in your pop top to entertain your friends.

  • Safety conscious? So are we; we suggest installing a reversing camera to ensure that you know exactly what’s behind you while backing out of the campsite.

  • Need more power? An additional generator will enable you to make those long trips into the desert without fear of getting stuck there.

Where Can I go Camping & Caravanning?

Wherever you decide take your new pop top, whether you are headed to the beach, the bush, the mountains or the desert, there is somewhere you can park up safely for the night.

Stay in a national park and enjoy nature at its most natural. They are often free, or simply request a small donation be made towards their upkeep.

If you’re running low on power or need to top up water and empty the waste tanks, look no further than a registered campground. For a small nightly fee they can provide you everything you need.

Try and help keep our environment clean so it can be enjoyed by our kid’s kids one day too.

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