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Pop Tops


Raise the Roof

As technology has improved over the years, the basic form of the classic caravan has evolved. Modern shapes, design and innovations are splitting off from the RV family tree to form their own categories of mobile homes.

Pop top caravans are one such example of improving aspects from the traditional caravan’s design. By allowing the roof to raise or lower, travellers are able to have a streamline caravan when towing and increased roof height when parked.

Pop Top Characteristics

Pop top caravans have a range of benefits over a fixed ceiling RV. The lower ceiling height when being towed offers less wind resistance and drag saving you fuel and far less buffeting from high winds and passing trucks. Having a low roof also allows travellers to stow their pop top in a normal sized garage or shed, keeping it out of the elements and away from potential danger. Low lying branches and trees won’t scratch the roof of the van while travelling too.

With the roof extended, the waterproof vinyl panels offer more ventilation and natural light to enter through the pop top. This is great for hot, tropical conditions while having the roof closed insulates the van in cooler climates. For taller adventurers, the extra ceiling height in a pop top means no more being hunched over when inside their caravan.

It's not all about extending indoor living, even if the weather takes a turn, the extendable awning on your pop top keeps you sheltered from the pouring rain or blistering heat.

Off-road capabilities

When venturing far off the beaten track, consider an off-road pop top caravan for your next adventure caravan. The low roof balances out the increased ride height of the off-road suspension and tyres. This size difference between a pop top and normal caravan may allow you further into places with overhanging structures, such as gorges and dense forest areas. The low weight also makes the pop top easier to tow in difficult circumstances. If venturing into the tropics or other hot climates, the additional ventilation will help circulate fresh cool air too.

All the best brands

To aid in your decision, Outdoria features a wide selection of new and used pop top caravans for sale across Australia! We have pop tops from great brands such as: Avan, Jayco, Jurgen, Coromal and Windsor.

Outdoria also has a huge range of caravan parts and accessories for sale to freshen up your home-away-from-home and replace those dated parts.

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