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Pop Top Slide On Campers for Sale

It’s no secret that finding a place for your caravan to live those many weeks of the year while it isn’t being towed can be difficult. Many owners have to leave it outside or construct a special shed to house it. This isn’t the case for a pop top slide on camper. Due to their height only being slightly more than your car, you are able to leave it in your garage for storage.

More and more Australians are forgoing the caravan and are opting to go with the latest craze in mobile homes – the slide on camper.

Pop top slide on camper considerations

Pop top slide on campers are versatile, easy to operate and come in a range of styles and sizes to suit your vehicle. That being said, there are some main differences to be aware of when choosing between a pop top or hard top slide on camper.

  • Pop top roof: Much like a pop top caravan, this type of slide on camper features an expanding roof. This improves airflow through the cabin, but does decrease the insulation of the camper. These are better suited to warmer or tropical conditions, rather than alpine or cold conditions like a hard top.

  • Lower vehicle height: With the roof lowered while driving, the overall height of your vehicle is only marginally taller than without the camper. This means you can travel through under low bridges and even shopping centre car parks without worry your roof with be damaged.

  • Lightweight: Compared to hard top versions, the pop top slide on camper is slightly lighter, which leads to increased fuel savings and a wider range of utes being able to haul the cabin.

  • Structural integrity: Since a pop top’s roof isn’t directly attached to the side walls, the frame is slightly weaker where the roof and walls are separated.

  • Set up times: Although the setup time for a slide on camper is already pretty quick, it does take a few minutes longer to raise and secure the roof.

Even though a slide on camper differs somewhat from a caravan, head over to our new or used caravan buyers guide for more information about what to look for in your next slide on camper!