Mummy Sleeping Bags


Mummy Sleeping Bags for Sale

Mummy bags feature a unique design to keep their users warm when the temperature drops. With a wide area around the shoulders which tapers down towards your feet, mummy bags reduce the amount of air within the sleeping bag, which will keep you warmer for longer.

These are used mostly in alpine or cold camping conditions over other types of sleeping bags due to their increased warmth. Their smaller size also makes mummy bags slightly lighter than other types too.

Mummy sleeping bags also feature a unique closure system. Unlike traditional sleeping bags which zip up on the side, mummy sleeping bags require you to fold the top flap over yourself, which is then zipped up from the inside. This keeps you nice and snug in the bag and restricts movement while you sleep.

However, their design is fairly restrictive, allowing you to only really sleep on your back like a ‘mummy’. If you tend to roll around in your sleep or get claustrophobic easily, look at either a rectangular or tapered sleeping bag instead. Mummy sleeping bags typically only feature half or three-quarter length zips, making them sometimes tricky to get in or out and restricting the airflow out of the bottom of the bag.

If you have never used a mummy sleeping bag before and are unsure if you will be comfortable sleeping in one, try one out first at one of our many retailers close to you!

Our handy guide to sleeping bags has even more information about what to look for when buying a mummy sleeping bag!