Camping Multi-tools for Sale

Ever heard of the Swiss Army Knife? You probably have and with good reason. Camping multi-tools offer a mind-boggling amount of flexibility with the wide array of tools at your disposal. Straight blades, serrated blades, saw blades, screwdrivers, bottle openers, can openers, pliers, wire strippers and scissors – the list goes on. There are only a few circumstances where you’ll find yourself not being able to use your camping multi-tool.

Choosing the right multi-tool for the right job

When looking for your next multi-tool, it is important to consider what you might be using it for. If you plan on travelling overseas for example, a bladeless multi-tool will be needed to pass airport security. If you plan on camping in the snow, select a multi-tool that is made from non-corrosive and rust-resistant materials. Do your research beforehand and bring the appropriate multi-tool on your next adventure.

Types of camping multi-tools

There are four common types of multi-tools; folding, pocket, keychain and one-piece.

  • Folding multi-tools are the most common type of multi-tool on the market. They feature a collapsible design and often feature the most tools on any multi-tool platform. The classic Leatherman is a popular example of a folding multi-tool.

  • Pocket multi-tools house all their gadgets in a single package. They are lightweight, compact and designed to fit in your pocket without tools bulging from the sides.

  • Keychain multi-tools are mini versions of folding multi-tools. They are far smaller and only offer the most important tools inside the device. They are designed to be attached to your car or house keys.

  • One-piece multi-tools are often designed to fit inside your wallet and occupy a space around the same size as a credit card. They are typically made from laser cut steel and feature basic tools such as allen key heads and a bottle opener.

Whatever camping multi-tool you choose, be sure to check out our guide to planning a trip that actually goes to plan for other great ideas to use on your next big adventure.