Motorhomes for Sale


Motorhomes for Sale

Motorhomes are fast becoming a favourite way for holiday-makers to leave the nest and explore the country comfortably and conveniently. Motorhomes are a combination of car and caravan, with the rear of the vehicle converted into a living space complete with kitchen, bathroom and bedroom areas. This allows you to park at your campsite, cook your dinner and head to bed without leaving your vehicle.

Why choose a motorhome?

Motorhomes are a super convenient way to travel. The most obvious benefit would have to be that you don’t need to connect and disconnect a trailer from your vehicle, which is especially useful if you’re travelling solo. Packing up your motorhome is also far quicker than a camper trailer or caravan because almost everything you need stays inside the vehicle. Apart from an optional awning, you can shut the doors and away you go.

Motorhomes come with all the safety features you would expect from a modern vehicle: ABS, traction control and airbags are standard features in most models. If you wanted to leave your motorhome at the campsite when you visit the shops, bringing a bicycle or motorcycle is another great option for added transportation.

Travelling in a single vehicle has financial benefits too. You only need to pay for one vehicle’s registration and insurance, rather than two when you have both a car and caravan. When buying a caravan, you may need to upgrade the towing vehicle as well, further adding to the final cost.

However, having your home and car yoked together may create problems if your motorhome unfortunately broke down. Having a nationally covered roadside assistance policy, while also bringing spare parts and tools to fix minor issues can keep you on the move and out of trouble.

Motorhome buying considerations

Since a motorhome is both a car and caravan, when buying one you will need to check everything you would for buying either separately. Our guide to buying a used caravan has a great checklist to use when judging the ‘home’ aspect of a motorhome.

When assessing the vehicle part of your motorhome, treat it like you’re buying a new or used car. Check all the major components such as tyres, engine, transmission and chassis for faults. Bringing your mechanically minded mate or hiring a professional to assess the vehicle before purchase is a great way to make sure you aren’t buying a lemon.

When searching for your motorhome, the weight of your vehicle will determine which license you will require to drive it legally. Most states allow anyone with a car license to drive any vehicle with a weight under 4.5 tonnes. Anything higher than that will require a light rig license or even a medium to heavy rig license depending on the weight and number of axles on the vehicle. Check with your state’s transport authority or local dealership to learn more about any licensing requirements for your new motorhome.

Hiring a motorhome

If you love the idea of a motorhome but aren’t sure if you’re ready to buy one, why not hire one for your next holiday? Outdoria has a wide range of motorhomes for hire across the country. By trialing a motorhome, you’re able to practice driving, parking, turning, packing and unpacking your motorhome without the commitment of buying new. If you can’t get enough of your leased motorhome, have a look at our new and used motorhomes for sale. If a motorhome isn’t for you and you’d prefer to have your home in tow instead, our huge range of caravans, pop tops and camper trailers for sale will have you sorted for your next outdoor adventure!