LED Light Bars


4WD LED Light Bars for Sale

From travelling along country roads to lighting up a 4WD track, a LED light bar is an easy way to illuminate your path ahead. Light bars are a series of LEDs that are joined together in one long bar. They vary in size, power, lighting output and light colour.

They function similarly to driving lights, are rated using the same IP (ingress protection) system and offer the same three types of beam style; spot, spread or combination.

Light bar wattage explained

The higher the wattage of the light bar, the more light it will output right? Not necessarily. There a few key difference that determine how effective a light bar is. The size of the reflectors is an important factor. The bigger the reflectors, the further the light will travel. Having a high wattage light bar with many LEDs and small reflectors will give the same light output as a light bar that has a lower wattage, fewer LEDs and larger reflectors. A lower wattage light bar will put less drain on your battery and is more likely to be a higher quality product in general.

LED Light bar beam styles – spot vs. spread

Factors such as the materials of the mounts; the shape, size and beam style of the light bar are all important to consider. If you are using it on rural roads, choosing a light bar that uses a ‘spot’ style beam allows you to see further along the road. Alternatively if you are venturing along 4WD tracks at night, a ‘spread’ style light will illuminate your immediate area much better. A ‘combination’ light bar has different LEDs focussed on different things. So half the LEDs are set up to project further like a ‘spot’, while the other half are designed to ‘spread’.

It’s also worth deciding where you will be mounting your 4WD light bar. Some are better suited to being attached to the bull bar of your vehicle, while others can be mounted to your roof or roof racks.

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