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Sit-In and Sit-on Kayaks for Sale

Kayaks can be broken down into two main categories, sit-in and sit-on.

Sit-in kayaks feature an enclosed or semi-enclosed cockpit where the paddler sits into the hull of the kayak. A skirt can be attached around the opening of the cockpit to keep your legs warm and to stop water from entering the hull. Bulkheads are also used to keep water out in the case of a rollover. If water does enter the hull, a bilge pump is needed to remove the water, as there are no self-bailing holes built into sit-in kayaks.

Sit-on kayaks have a fully open cockpit which allows for easy access entering and exiting the kayak. All your gear isn’t confined to the inside of the hull like a sit-in kayak, making it easier to grab your equipment when you need it most. Sit-on kayaks feature scupper (self-bailing) holes, allowing any water that enters the boat to drain out through the bottom. Sit-on kayaks are generally seen as more stable – you can even stand up while on the water in some models.

The Different Types of Kayaks for Sale

For any water-based outdoor adventure in mind, there is a kayak for it. Before choosing your next kayak, it is important to know what you plan on doing with the boat. From recreational kayaks to sea kayaks, whitewater kayaks to racing kayaks, here is a quick rundown of the different types of kayaks on Outdoria.


Other types include fishing kayaks, which are specifically designed for those looking to fish while in their boat.

Browse through our wide range of kayaks for sale, and you’ll find options to buy online or collect in a store near you. For more in-depth advice, have a look at our guide to choosing your next kayak to help in your decision.

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