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Sit In and Sit On Kayaks

When it comes to kayaks, there are two main categories, sit in and sit on.

Sit In Kayaks

Sit in kayaks feature an enclosed or semi-enclosed cockpit, meaning your legs will be stuffed into the hull of the ‘yak, safe from splashes and from sitting in a puddle of seawater. A skirt (not as fashionable as the ones you’d find in Myer), can also be attached to the opening of the cockpit to further reduce water entering the hull.

Bulkheads are also used to keep water out in the case of a rollover. But, if you happen to chuck a wobbly and tip your kayak, you’ll need a bilge pump to get rid of the water, or she’ll sink to Davy Jones’ Locker.

Sit On Kayaks

Sit on kayaks have a fully open cockpit which makes getting in and out of it easy-peasy. Your gear will also be painless to grab in a pinch since it won’t be confined to the inside of the hull.

Sit on kayaks feature ‘scuppers’ (self-bailing holes), which allow any water that enters the boat the drain out by itself, making it far harder to sink and easier to turn back over if flipped.

The Types of Kayaks for Sale

Kayaks come in more varieties than you can poke a stick at, meaning wherever you want to paddle, there is the perfect kayak for you. So to make your life easier, we’ve whipped up this handy infographic explaining the different types of kayak for sale below.


If you’re a keen fisho looking to up your fishing game, then it’s definitely worth heading over and taking a look at our range of fishing kayaks for sale too. Most are already set up with extra gear, such as rod holders, additional storage and pouches to hold all your rods, tools, lures and bait while out on the water.

Too many great kayaks to choose from? Take a peek at our kayak buyers guide for extra information that’ll make choosing your next ‘yak (not the furry type) even easier!