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Kayak Customisation

Kayaking is a blast. It is easy to learn and is suited to a range of ages and skill levels. As you progress with your kayak, you will start wanting to upgrade certain aspects of it to better accommodate your needs.

Perhaps you really love fishing and need a rod holder to keep your fishing rod steady while in the boat. Electronic device mounts and covers can be used to attach fish finders and a GPS to your kayak, while dry bags keep your phone, camera and other valuables safe from the ocean spray. Once you have found where the fish are biting, drop your anchor and relax into your comfy backrest.

If white-water kayaking is more your style, a hydration pack gives you hands-free access to drinking water while tackling the rapids. A new seat and pad will cushion you from some of the harsh bumps and knocks that can happen while on the river.

A life jacket is always needed when on the water, especially for weaker swimmers and children. Some states such as Victoria legally require you to wear one whenever you are on the water.

To store your kayak at home, a storage rack will elevate your boat off the ground and onto the wall of your garage or shed. A roof rack can be used to transport your vessel from home to your favourite spot, while a trolley and carrying straps allow you to haul the kayak from the carpark to the water and back.

If you’re still unsure of what modifications you might want to make, take a look at our guide to buying a kayak for more ideas!