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Experience the World On the Water

Australia is renowned for its beautiful lakes, intense white-water rapids and diverse coastal sceneries. From cruising through Lake Hill Gorge in far north Queensland to exploring Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, we are fortunate to have some of the best kayak and canoeing locations in the world. You can even take a trip through Melbourne’s CBD along the Yarra River or explore Sydney Harbour from the water in your own kayak.

What’s the difference between canoes and kayaks?

At a glance, they appear to feature a similar design and are both powered using paddles, however, canoes and kayaks are two separate types of lightweight boat, suited to different scenarios. The main difference between the two is that a canoe uses a single-bladed paddle, while a kayak uses a double-bladed paddle.

Canoes feature an ‘open deck’ layout, where occupants sit on benches in the hull of the vessel. They are typically wider, making them far roomier and can hold more people inside them. Canoes are known for their stability and are perfect for leisurely paddles across tranquil lakes.

Kayaks on the other hand, are thinner and feature a hydrodynamic design. This allows the boat to be vastly more manoeuvrable than a canoe, especially when racing down rapids or participating in competitive water sports. Kayaks come in two different variations, ‘sit-in’ and ‘sit-on’. Sit-in kayaks have the paddler sitting inside the cockpit of the kayak where the hull covers their legs. Sit-on kayaks are similar to canoes where the user sits in a moulded seat inside the open hull of the kayak. Both designs however, feature less room for gear and people as kayaks generally only fit a maximum of one or two people inside them, compared to canoes.

Time to accessorise

If you have already chosen your next kayak or canoe, it’s time to add some aftermarket parts and accessories to your new toy, while also equipping yourself with the right gear to get onto the water as soon as possible.

  • Kayak Parts and Accessories features everything you need to upgrade your vessel into the boat of your dreams. From seats and pads to electronic device mounts, you can easily install all the modifications you need to personalise your kayak or canoe.

  • Clothing has all the items you need to protect yourself from the elements while out on the water. Hats and sunglasses help shelter you from the sun, while water shoes guard your feet and ankles against rocky areas as you enter and exit the boat.

  • Roof Travel Systems connect to the roof racks of your car. They allow you to easily and safely transport your kayak or canoe on top of your vehicle.

If you are looking for more information, head over to our buyers guide on how to choose a kayak.