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Whether you like to rip down rapids at breakneck speed in a high performance kayak, or cruise along placid waters on one knee in a traditional canoe, you’ll find the gear for your preferred style of paddling at Outdoria.

Canoeing and kayaking are closely related and often get grouped together, but it’s important to remember that in a lot of ways they are very different.

Canoeing & Kayaking – What’s the Difference?

Perhaps the most obvious difference between a kayak and a canoe is the paddle. Kayaking is performed using a twin-bladed paddle which allows the kayaker to alternate strokes either side of the craft without switching their paddle from one hand to the other, while canoers adopt the traditional single-blade paddle with a handle at one end that must be switched from one side to the other.

Next is the paddling position. Kayakers adopt a seated position wheresas canoes offer a range of paddling positions depending on their outfit. Some canoes are piloted from a kneeling position, while other more modern boats allow the paddler to sit down.

Different Types of Canoes

Over the years, canoe builders have reshaped and developed new types of canoes for different purposes and paddling environments. A racing canoe, for example, is designed to be extremely lightweight, built to go from point A to point B as fast as possible. A touring canoe on the other hand is built for comfort: a wider hull provides more sideways stability and creates more space inside the craft for camping equipment or fishing gear.

Use our integrated search engine to browse canoes by style and the number of paddlers they can seat.

Types of Kayaks Available at Outdoria

Kayaks have also undergone great changes in shape and function over time. Today, some of the most popular kayaks for kids and families are sit on top kayaks because they are fully enclosed and require little maintenance. One of the major benefits of a sit on top kayak is that it will continue to flat when capsized, and can be easily flipped right way up to keep paddling.

Traditional sit in kayaks are used in a range of situations, from slalom kayaks designed to go down white water rapids, to sea kayaks capable of venturing far out on the open ocean. You'll discover great brands at Outdoria such as Mirage Sea Kayaks, Finn Kayaks, Epic Kayaks products and many more.

And if you just can't seem to choose which kayak is best for you, our online buyer's guide is sure to help.

Canoeing & Kayaking Parts, Accessories, and Clothing

Once you’re set up with a boat and a paddle, the next step is to make sure you have all the accessories and clothing that you’ll need to stay safe and warm out on the water.

The list of accessories available to keen paddlers is almost endless. A good life jacket should be at the top of that list. Make sure that it fits you correctly and is rated to the type of paddling that you will be doing. If you have a sit in kayak or canoe, a skirt is a must. A skirt fits around your waist and is fixed to the opening of your boat closing the gap, keeping the water out.

There is are many accessories that can be added to your boat to help you perform different activities as well. Rod holders and fish finders are the next step in customisation for anyone keen to get into kayak fishing.

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