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Hiking Tents for Sale

Leaving the campsite behind and venturing far beyond civilisation is a dream everyone has some time in their life. Rugged and tough, hiking tents have been designed for peak performance in the harshest environments on the planet. Their compact and lightweight design saves weight and space in your pack for other essential items.

###Explore beyond the campgrounds

Serious terrain calls for a serious tent. Hiking tents are designed for adventurers travelling deep into the wilderness where weight and durability are the most important aspects to a tent. The poles are made from lightweight aluminium or fiberglass and feature a more compact design compared to a normal tent. Hiking tents tend to have a low ceiling height which increases the stability in undesirable conditions, with a thick, waterproof fly able to withstand heavy rainfall.

To remain compact when stored, hiking tents usually only come in small sleeping capacities. The largest size typically found is a four person tent, while most come in a two person size. They also come in a variety of designs including roomier dome-style tents and compact bivouacs.

If you need something with a bit more space, check out our range of dome tents to take with you instead!

From a great range of experienced Australian brands including: OZtrail, Companion and Outdoor Connection, you will be able to find the perfect hiking tent for sale, ready your next trek into the great outdoors.