Hiking GPS Units


GPS for Hiking

Whether you love getting lost in the wilderness, or prefer to know where you are going, a hiking GPS unit is an essential piece of hiking equipment for every adventurer. A hiking GPS allows you to plan your route, select way points and download typographic maps, all before you leave home.

When out in the field, a hiking GPS allows you to quickly check your position to make sure you are still on track. Some even come with a barometer and altitude sensors to help you further judge your conditions.

However, like most hand-held electronics, hiking GPS units still need batteries to operate. A pair of AA alkaline batteries will run your hiking GPS for roughly 20 hours, while a pair of AA lithium batteries can last over 50 hours. Be sure to bring spare batteries in case the current ones run out mid-hike. Bear in mind, a hiking GPS unit can still break, so taking a map and compass is recommended for extended trips.

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