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Hiking & Climbing Gear for Sale Online

While it could be said that hiking and climbing are two very different activities, it is also true that key skills and equipment from both disciplines are utilised both on the cliff face and on the trail. That's while you will find all the gear you need for hiking and climbing adventures right here.

The Range of Hiking Gear Available at Outdoria

Hikers utilise a range of equipment during their adventures in the outdoors namely, hiking boots, warm waterproof clothing designed to protect them from the elements outdoors and a backpack for carrying other accessories and their food and water for the trip.

Hiking poles are specifically designed tools that help the hiker to maintain balance over uneven terrain and help reduce stress on the individual’s legs and back.

Hiking is usually only performed on terrain that does not require the individual to use their hands in order to stop themselves falling or sliding back down the trail. When the going gets so steep that you need to use your hands the whole time, you are probably in need of some climbing gear.

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Climbing Equipment for Sale Online

From a very early age, most people learn how to climb. Children often learn to stand by pulling themselves to their feet using household objects and soon take to the trees to perfect their climbing skills. Climbing is performed for recreation and as a competitive sport. Climbing is sometimes used as a means of exploration to reach new and unexplored heights of alpine peaks either for scientific purposes, or just for the sake of doing something other's thought impossible.

Climbers use a huge range of equipment in order to get to the top of their chosen route. Typically, climbers will use a combination of ropes, harnesses, carabiners, climbing shoes, belay devices and protective gear when attempting a climb. Different styles of climbing use different gear: for example, free solo climbers use no gear at all, whereas mountaineers will use a huge range of alpine related equipment in order to climb to extremely high altitudes.

Safety in the Outdoors

Hiking and climbing can be dangerous activities so it is crucial that the proper measures are taken to reduce risk. Always know where you are going, make sure someone else knows where you are going and when you expect to return. Keep a fully loaded first aid kit with you ensuring that you can relax and enjoy the journey.

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