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Experience the Real Outdoors

Hiking and climbing are some of the best ways to get into nature where you’ll get addicted to the fresh air, natural sounds and lack of screens. Hiking and climbing can be catered to any skill level, with cruisy day hikes across flat, smooth walking trails for an easy low-impact stroll. To high-intensity, steep mountain climbs reserved for only the most experienced and physically fit hikers.

While it could be said that hiking and climbing are two very different activities, it is also true that key skills and equipment from both disciplines are utilised both on the cliff face and on the trail. That's why you will find all the gear you need for hiking and climbing adventures right here.

Hiking and climbing essentials

Hiking and climbing gear has been specially designed for these activities. Leave that fresh pair of running shoes at home and invest in a pair of hiking boots instead. Not only will these provide far more grip, but the high sides of the shoes prevent your ankle from rolling when on uneven surfaces. We also feature a wide range of hiking and climbing clothing suited to many different climates, including lightweight, breathable t-shirts and pants to heavy-duty, waterproof jackets and jumpers.

Your backpack is also another important piece of gear to bring when hiking. It needs to be light, sturdy, appropriately sized and most importantly, fit to you correctly. Having two different backpacks for hiking is extremely common, as it allows hikers to bring the right sized backpack with them on their adventures. Daypacks are small, light and are perfect for that single day or overnight trip into the outback, while high-capacity rucksacks are designed to carry everything you need for that multi-day trek.

Other pieces of equipment such as first aid kits are important for patching up those battle scars you acquire on your journey. Navigation equipment is also helpful when a paper map just doesn’t cut it and you need a quick and accurate way to find your path, or to send a distress signal when things don’t go to plan.

You’ll also find all the climbing ropes and climbing tools needed to conquer that cliff face.

If you love the idea of hiking but don’t know where to start, check out our beginner's guide to day hiking. If you are a bit more experienced in the field and need some hiking advice for the little ones, our guide to bushwalking with kids is definitely worth a read.