Hard Top Slide on Campers for Sale


Hard Top Slide on Campers for Sale

Gone are the days of packing the ute full of tents, bedding, cookware and BBQs, just to waste time unloading it all when you get to the campsite. A hard top slide on camper allows you to carry a small, fully-contained cabin on the back of your ute or pickup truck. They feature all the amenities you would find in a normal caravan, such as kitchen facilities, an internal bathroom and generous bedding options.

Why choose a hard top slide on camper?

Not only are slide on campers generally far more versatile than a caravan or motorhome, there are a few unique considerations to owning one with a hard top.

  • Better insulation: Hard top slide on camper variants offer better heat retention against the cold compared to pop top versions, as there are no gaps in the roof.

  • Easier setup: Unlike a pop top slide on camper, you don’t need to raise the roof before you can access the top cab-over area.

  • Rigid frame: The shell features a one-piece design, making it more rigid against knocks and collisions.

  • Taller: Hard top slide on campers are slightly taller than their soft top variations. This can lead to being less aerodynamic while on the road, while also increasing the overall vehicle height. This may affect your ability to go under bridges or through tunnels. However, you will have more headroom than a pop-top slide on camper.

  • Heavier: Although only minimal, hard top slide on campers weigh more than pop top versions. This potentially requires a more powerful vehicle to carry the cabin. The increased weight does make them slightly more stable though in extreme weather conditions.