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Gazebos & Shade Domes


Fun in the Sun

Enjoying the great outdoors doesn’t have to end when the day begins to heat up. A portable shade dome is your best way to to escape the sun while remaining outside in the fresh air.

Shade domes follow a similar design to a tent. They use a structure made from lightweight collapsible poles to hold up the fabric over your head. Many shade domes offer optional walls, doors and floors that can be clipped to the structure. This allows you to transform your shade dome into a highly ventilated tent, perfect for warm summer camping nights. Small shade domes, such as pop-up beach shelters take mere seconds to set up, while larger gazebos may require a few pairs of helping hands to assemble.

Most shade domes and gazebos feature pegs and guy ropes to help secure the shelter in windy conditions. Some models even feature roof venting, which channels air out the top of the shade dome or gazebo. This helps prevent the frame from lifting and being blown away when the weather turns bad.

Where can I use my shade dome or gazebo?

If you need protection from sun, wind or light rain, a shade dome will keep you comfortable while outdoors. Some common uses for shade domes and gazebos include:

  • Providing shade while at the beach, park or backyard

  • Used as shelter for outdoor events such as gatherings, parties and BBQs

  • Creating a headquarters for you and your mates when at music festivals

  • Providing shelter from light rain and moderate windy conditions

  • Can be used a child’s play area indoors or outside

The list goes on. If you need something to provide protection from the elements, look no further than a shade dome or gazebo.

Here on Outdoria, we feature some of the best shade domes and gazebos for sale online from brands like: Oztrail, Coleman, Outdoor Connection, Smartshade and Explore Planet Earth. Don’t get caught out in the burning hot sun this summer and pick up a shade dome or gazebo from Outdoria today!

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