Fishing Waders


Stay Dry in the Water

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or fly fishing enthusiast, fishing waders are an essential piece of kit that will help take your angling to the next level. Fishing waders are essentially long waterproof pants designed to keep you dry and comfortable while you stand in the water.

They come in three different lengths; hip, waist and chest high.

Hip high fishing waders are ideal for shallow streams and creeks. They only extend to the base of your hips and are the lightest type of fishing waders. They are great for warmer climates due to their short length, but cannot be used in deeper rivers or lakes, as they would fill with water.

Waist high fishing waders offer a good compromise between length and weight. They are used in fairly deep rivers, lakes and shallow beach fishing. These are seen as a good ‘all-round’ fishing wader if you will be fishing in a variety of different depths of water.

Chest high fishing waders offer the longest length of each of the three styles of waders. Most commonly used in very deep rivers, lakes and surf fishing, these offer the maximum protection against water. However, they tend to be bulkier and take longer to put on than the other styles. That being said, some chest high fishing waders can have the top section zipped off the make them into waist high fishing waders.

Stockingfoot vs. Bootfoot

Fishing waders come in two different styles as well; stockingfoot and bootfoot. The main difference between the two is whether a wading boot is included in the design or not. Bootfoot fishing waders have a boot stitched onto the bottom of the wader, while a stockingfoot fishing wader requires you to wear a separate shoe over the ‘sock’.

Bootfoot waders off better insulation but the feature no laces or straps to customise the boot. Stockingfoot waders offer greater flexibility in your choice of boot and can be easily customised to your foot. However, you will have to spend more money buying the separate wading boots.

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