Fishing Vests


Keep Your Gear Close

While fishing, it is important to keep your gear accessible at all times. You never know when your line might get snagged or when it’s time to switch up your lure. A fishing vest allows you to hold all your essential fishing tools, lures, hooks and lines in easy to access locations on your chest or back.

What to look for in a fishing vest

The most important aspect of any fishing vest is being comfortable. You will be wearing this vest for long periods of time, making it crucial for it to be easy and comfortable to wear.

When it comes to pockets, more isn’t always better. The more pockets you have, the more places you have to organise your stuff. However, too many pockets may lead to you not being able to find your gear in a hurry.

Other important aspects include whether the vest also works as a PFD, if the vest has a traditional or mesh design, the size of the pockets and if the vest has any loops or attachment points to connect tools to it. Some fishing vests also feature a connecting backpack that can be used to hold your water bladders and other fishing gear.

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