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Skilled anglers rely on more than just their rod and reel. These days, if you want to out-fish your mates, you’re going to need a tool box loaded with fishing tools and accessories to help you target a range of different fish species, and improving your chances of success by switching up your gear on the fly.

Outdoria is an online marketplace for fishing gear bringing together to product ranges of different tackle shops located across Australia. Outdoria give you the ability to shop the widest range of fishing accessories online in Australia.

Which fishing tools and accessories do I need?

It all starts with a quality tackle box. This is going to be the new home for your various tools that you will use on you fishing trips. It's fair to say that the range of tools at the Aussie anglers disposal is enormous, so how do you even begine deciding what you need to start with?

To give you a bit of an idea where to begin, we’ve pulled together a list of some of the items that every fishing tool kit should contain.

  • Knife – every angler needs at least one sharp, flexible knife. A bait knife has a wide range of uses, from cutting bait to bleeding and gutting fish; keep your knife sharp and it will last a long time.

  • Pliers – the range of applications for a pair of pliers is only limited by your creativity. Use pliers to remove hooks, cut line, and even reshape hooks or swivels.

  • Sunglasses – Polaroid fishing sunglasses are essential if you plan to be able to spot fish and target them directly. Polaroid lenses cut through the glare created on the surface of the water making it easy to see fish.

  • Lip grips – there are some species of fish that you really don’t want to be gripping with your fingers. Look out for those teeth and scale and use a pair of purpose built lip grippers instead.

Looking for more info?

These are just a few of the items that we recommend you add to your fishing tool box alongside your terminal tackle and line. And of course, you’re going to need a great fishing rod and reel to get started. If all that all seems a bit confusing, our guide to fishing gear for beginners is a great source of information to help you get out there.

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