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What to take when I go fishing?

Fishing is more than just grabbing your rod, some worms and heading down to the river. You’ll need to bring a variety of different tools to aid you in your fishing adventures.

  • Multitools are used to adjust your reel settings, tie line to hooks and remove excess thread. They work as a jack-of-all-trades device and is an essential when out on the water.

  • Tackle boxes house all your spare lures, lines, weights, bobbers and hooks when not in use. They feature sliding drawings to help organise all your equipment.

  • Rod holders can be attached to your fishing kayak or railing of the pier you are fishing off. They allow you to secure your rod over the water while you relax and wait for a bite.

  • Locator beacons are a great gadget to take if you plan on fishing on your kayak or if you are heading far away from civilisation. At the push of a button, a GPS distress signal is broadcasted to rescue facilities in your area.

Other accessories and fishing tools such as knives, pliers and de-hookers are also essential to take along when fishing. It is always better to bring along all the fishing tools and equipment you think might need, than to lose your favourite lure or hook because you didn’t have the gear to remove it from the fish.