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Fishing Tackle for Sale in Australia

Nothing ruins your fishing trip faster than needing certain equipment and not having it. Ensure your next adventure goes smoothly and successfully when you get a comprehensive collection of fishing tackle.

At Outdoria, you’ll find a huge selection of fishing tackle. Browse our products to get exactly what you need for your next journey. You’ll discover fishing tackle from a wide variety brands available at a range of price points — something to meet almost any angler’s budget. If you demand selection in fishing tackle and other outdoor gear and equipment, you’ve come to the right place!

Get the Fishing Tackle You Need

Using the wrong fishing tackle or other gear and equipment is one sure-fire way to ensure your fishing trip does not reach its full potential. Maximise the time you spend outdoors instead with gear that is designed for the task at hand. At Outdoria, you’ll find fishing tackle and other products that are made for a wide variety of specific purposes. Find and secure the fishing gear that’s right for you.

From tackle boxes and trays to fishing rods & reels and more, you’ll find it all at Outdoria. Our comprehensive selection offers easy and accessible one-stop shopping before your adventure begins. Best of all, you can shop anytime you want. Access our online marketplace 24/7 from any web-enabled device.

Choosing the Right Fishing Tackle

For the most successful fishing trip, you need to pick the right tackle for what you’re going after. Take a look below for some insider tips:

  • Jigs - For every 3 metres of water, you should use 1/8 ounce of weight.

  • Poppers - They come in a variety of colours and sizes. Keep in mind, they’re hard to master. When you get the hang of it, you can catch all types of game fish, as well as tuna.

  • Plugs - To fish, plugs can look like frogs, deeper-bodied fish, and other prey. Sometimes, game fish miss the plugs. When you’re fishing in less than clear water, choose a brighter colour or pattern so it gives the fish a better contrast than the local bait.

  • Spinners - These lures are ideal for predatory fish. They create both vibration and light.

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Check out our comprehensive selection of fishing tackle to find what you need for your next fishing adventure.