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Beat the game of odds with dialled fishing tackle

Many people who don’t go fishing think that it all comes down to having your hook and bait in the water at the right place, at the right time. Although dropping your lure into a fish-infested area does increase your chances of a bite, so does using the appropriate tackle and line for the fish you are hunting. Do your research before you head out on your next fishing trip and pick up the right fishing tackle online for the right fish, here on Outdoria.

  • Lures, as the name suggests, are designed to entice the fish by mimicking its prey. They come in a huge range of styles based on what fish you are hunting and are commonly a replacement for using a hook and live or frozen bait.

  • Hooks are curved, barbed bits of metal designed to dig into the fish's’ mouth once it has bitten on the bait.

  • Fishing line is a thin, extremely strong piece of fluorocarbon or nylon connecting your rod to your bait, lure and hook. The two most common types are braided fishing line and monofilament fishing line.

  • Easy Rigs are designed to sink to the ocean floor, to allow a hook and bait to move in the current near the bottom.

  • Frozen bait is live bait that has been frozen. They can be bought in large batches and come in a wide range of different baitfish.

  • Live bait is living, breathing creatures used to bait other fish. They give off more of a scent than frozen bait and provide more movement when on the hook.

  • Swivels allow the fishing line to untwist when being reeled in. It also ensures your bait or lure behaves more naturally in the water.

  • Floats stop the line from sinking to the bottom so the bait remains near the surface and at a consistent depth instead.

  • Sinkers help anchor your bait and lure in the water, while also increasing casting distance and the rate of which your line sinks.

If you need more ideas on what other fishing gear you might need, head over to our fishing gear guide for beginners! It has all the information you need about fishing equipment before you cast your line out.