Fishing Tackle Boxes


Organising Your Tackle

While it may seem easier and quicker to dump all your equipment into one single pouch, hooks and lures will often become tangled into one sharp, pointy bundle. Using a tackle box to divide up your equipment saves you time when searching for that perfect bait to use on your next cast.

Fishing tackle box features

Tackle boxes are essentially the same as a mechanics tool box, modified for fishing equipment instead of wrenches and spanners. Most feature multiple slide-out drawers with adjustable dividers to separate each lure. Many anglers like to reserve one shelf for each type of lure or fish they are hunting. Some fishing tackle boxes also come with extra compartments for hooks, bobbers, weights and even your spools of line.

Fly fishing tackle boxes

Fly boxes differ slightly from the standard tackle box. They feature a book or suitcase-like design where you can store your flys on the ‘pages’ of the fly box. The pages have soft padding to help keep your lures safe and catches to hang the flies off too.

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