Fishing Sunglasses


Get the Upper Hand

Being able to spot fish from your position allows you to aim your casts better. However, different tints of fishing sunglasses are used in different environments.

Freshwater fishing in shallow water requires a light coloured lens. Typically vermillion, rose, copper or amber tinted fishing sunglasses are best suited to these conditions. This is due to the tint being similar to the riverbed or lake bed, which helps contrast the fish against its surroundings.

Offshore fishing and land-based saltwater fishing require a darker lens. Smoke, grey and blue tinted lenses work better to illuminate the water columns in the ocean and help you spot fish.

If you tend to fish in low-light conditions, such as dawn, dusk or at nighttime, a yellow tinted lens absorbs the most light out of all the different tints.

When choosing a pair of fishing sunglasses, make sure they have polarised lenses. This will help reduce the water’s glare further and increase the effectiveness of the tint. Mirror finishes are also available to varying degrees which also reduces glare.

If you are deep sea fishing, creating a ‘darkzone’ by also wearing a peaked cap with a dark brim and a neck scarf helps further enhance your vision when looking into the depths.