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Fishing Sinkers for Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing

From the beginner angler to the experienced sports fisherman, a fishing sinker is a must-have piece of fishing gear. As the name suggests, the primary job for a fishing sinker is to sink. They are typically made of lead, tungsten or bismuth and are used to keep your bait where you want it to be. They make targeting species that feed towards to bottom far easier than using a line without a sinker. Fishing sinkers can also be used to increase cast distance and accuracy.

It is important to choose the right weight and shaped sinker depending on the conditions you will be fishing in. Windy conditions require a heavier sinker, while calmer conditions won’t require the increased weight. Heavier sinkers will stay at the bottom easier while lighter ones can bob in the current.

The shape of your sinker will also dictate how it behaves in the water.

  • Pyramid sinkers are designed to dig into the sand on the ocean floor or riverbed.
  • Egg sinkers are the most popular type of sinker. They feature a hole through the middle of them to feed the fishing line through. They are used to fish on or near the ocean floor.
  • Walking sinkers are designed to roll across rocks without getting stuck.
  • Bank sinkers are used in reef fishing and can be used to bounce off the seafloor.
  • Bullet sinkers, also known as cone sinkers, are used in weedy areas where a ‘sharper’ sinker will get tangled in reeds or seaweed.

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