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It All Starts With A Great Rod

Back in the stone age, hunters would fish using harpoons, traps and nets. Although those forms still exist today, fishing has become easier and far less ‘hands on’. One of the greatest inventions for the fisherman is the fishing rod.

Traditional fishing rods would be made from bamboo or carved from wood. These days, fishing rods are made from fibreglass, graphite or even carbon fibre, making them lightweight and incredibly durable. They come in a variety of styles, sizes and powers depending on how and what you plan to fish. From large surfcasting rods to small lightweight spinning rods, we have a wide range of fishing rods for any situation.

The Right Reel For Your Rod

Fishing reels are designed to store your line and help drag in your catch once you have a bite. The style of reel will usually determine the type of rod you are using. For example, a baitcasting reel can only be used on a baitcasting rod, not a surfcasting rod. Some reels are better suited to casting than others too. Spinning reels, baitcasting reels and fly reels allow the line to accurately cast into the water, while overhead reels are designed to be dropped straight into the water. For more detailed information about fishing reels, have a look at our guide to choosing the right fishing reel for you.