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Fishing Rod Holders for Kayaks and Boats

A fishing rod holder is a handy accessory any angler can use. They allow you to store your fishing rod securely giving you the ability to leave it unattended. When you get a bite, you can quickly and easily take the rod out of the holder to fight the fish.

Most rod holders allow you to secure any sized rod into the mechanism and can house most reel types. That being said, it’s best to check that the rod holder will be able to store your rod before you purchase it. This is easily done by comparing your rod’s specifications with the holder’s or contacting the rod holder manufacturer.

Why should I use a rod holder?

Using a rod holder allows you to a number of different things:

  • Use two different rods at once, allowing you to double your chances of catching a fish or target two different species at the same time.

  • Keep your rod secure while you perform other tasks

  • Hold your rod while it is being transported or not currently used

Most fishing rod holders can be mounted to the hull or railing of a boat, while others are designed to clamp onto the edge of a pier or be stuck into the ground on a beach or by a river. Kayak rod holders have also been specially designed to be used with fishing kayaks.

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