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Fishing Reels for Sale

An often overlooked item by newbie fishermen, the reel is a crucial aspect to your fishing setup. Much like choosing your fishing rod, reels come in a variety of styles suited for different line weights, capacities, rod sizes and the intended fish you're hunting. Confused? Our buyer’s guide to fishing reels is a great read if you’re unsure of where start. Strapped for time? Read on for a quick guide to the types of fishing reels for sale on Outdoria.

Types of Fishing Reels

  • Spinning reels are the most common type of reel. They’re highly versatile and you can use them to fish a wide range of small to medium-sized fish. We recommend using a light to medium weight fishing line, as most spinning reel mechanisms can’t handle the strain of a heavier line. Spinning reels are found on many different types of rods, such as surf and telescopic rods.

  • Baitcasting reels are designed to be used only with baitcasting rods. They’re a favourite among experienced anglers due to their low-profile design and many on-the-fly adjustment options, such as spool tension and braking. Baitcasting reels are designed for use with heavier lines and lures, which makes them popular with big game fishermen.

  • Overhead reels are unique in that they’re not meant to be cast like other types of reels. Instead, the line is dropped from the side of a boat, kayak or jetty. They have a huge line capacity and are great for deep sea fishing or luring off the ocean floor. The gearing, strong drag and incredible durability make overhead reels great for pulling in monster fish.

  • Fly fishing reels are only used with fly fishing rods. Unlike other reels, fly fishing is more about tiring the fish out by using the rod, while also pulling the line with your hand, rather than using the reel to fight and drag in the fish.

We feature fishing reels from some of the best brands, including: Shimano, PENN and Shakespeare.

Whether you're just learning to fish or love a good fishing story, our blog has all the information you need to learn more about the sport and the gear you'll be using.